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Hypershoes™ A Revolutionary New House Slippers

Designed by world class athlete from Japan. The Hypershoes are the next big thing in footwear.

Indoor & Outdoor house slippers that give you a great sense of style and comfort. The outside is coated with a water repelling, anti-slip layer that is completely waterproof, while the inside is covered with a soft fleece lining to keep your feet warm. It's a house slipper made for the city, and it's available in multiple fun colours. 

These comfortable and functional house slippers are the best choice for people who want to add warmth and comfort to their cold winter days. They are the perfect alternative to conventional slippers.

Melinda Franks

CEO Beauty World Magazine

"This is a great option for me as I don't have a lot of time to shop around for looking comfortable and proven favorite pairs. These hypershoes provide a simple and practical solution to the issue of finding a pair of comfortable, stylish house slippers.


What Makes Hypershoes™ So Special?

An Affordable Indoor & Outdoor Slippers That Your Feet Will Love. Over 95% of customers rate Hypershoes “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Revolutionary Anti-Slip Sole

The anti-slip sole is designed to eliminate the risk of slipping when walking around. The anti-slip sole is not meant to replace shoes. Rather, it is an alternative to footwear that provides greater safety and protection.

Warm And Comfortable

Great for all day wear. They are very comfortable and have a flexible fit. These shoes are designed to be worn on casual occasions and can be worn with jeans, shorts or skirts.

Waterproof Exterior

The design is such that it allows you to walk comfortably in water. This is especially helpful when you have a wet dog or are just walking through puddles. You can wear them outside, but you can also wear them inside. The rubber sole is slip-resistant and easy to clean


29,486+ Reviews


If you are not completely thrilled with your Hypershoes™ - we are offering you a 30 day guarantee on all purchases.

Water-Resistant Outer Coating

House slippers that keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. These slippers are incredibly warm, soft, and very comfortable. It's like wearing a second pair of socks inside your regular shoes. Hypershoes can be worn to bed, even when it's raining... They can even help you sleep better at night. This amazing features of Hypershoes make them so comfortable and effective in all types of weather conditions.

Non-Slip Bottom Sole

Non-Slip Bottom Sole and Built-in Arch Support that will help you walk and stand on your feet effortlessly for hours. The non slip rubber sole will give your feet a perfect grip so you don’t slip and fall.

You don't want to slip when you're about to get on the bus or at the subway. You don't want to slip when you're about to go to the market, you don't want to slip when you're about to go to work, you don't want to slip when you're about to walk around the park...

The soft, anti-slip lining keeps your feet firmly planted while you step through any situation

Bacteria Have No Place To Hide

Bactaria are one of the most dangerous pathogens on earth. We have seen them make their way into the shoes of people and then turn into nasty infections. Hypershoes solve that problem by creating a closed environment for bacteria to live, but at the same time, they are so comfortable that you will forget you even have them on. The design of Hypershoes will protect you from dangerous foot conditions.

Provides Ultimate Warmth

Hypershoes is the most effective, safe, comfortable and durable solution for your tired, sore, swollen, and arthritic feet. No more pain and discomfort in your feet. It improve circulation and blood flow to your feet.

Eliminate painful conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, stress fractures and arthritis.

"These are house slippers for the busy world. It is a great, stylish shoe with great technology. They are a must have if you want to show off and impress your friends."

Richard H. Williams

Athlete, United States

Choose the Hypershoes™ Indoor & Outdoor Slippers and see the difference it makes!

Hypershoes are great shoes for walking around town, running errands or lounging around the house. The waterproof outer coating helps keep your shoes dry when they get wet during rain, snow or any other weather conditions. The soft fleece lining makes them cozy and gives you added comfort when walking. Order your's now to start seeing the benefits.


29,486+ Reviews


How can Hypershoes™ be so affordable?

Hypershoes™ is a Direct to Consumer Brand selling exclusively.

This way they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays.

On top of this, when you buy from a big brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are paying for all the heavy adverting and all the other costs they have as a company.

Hypershoes™ does not advertise on TV and we don’t have greedy owners who demand big bonuses.

What Hypershoes™ Owners Are Saying?

Omar A. Peters, USA

Hypershoes owner since 2019

Awesome Everyday House Slippers!! This slipper is perfect for wearing around the house while you watch TV or relax.

These are really comfortable to wear. They're easy to slip on and off, too! They fit snuggly enough so that you don't have to worry about slipping. Plus, they're easy to clean.

Elliot Cunningham, UK

Hypershoes owner since 2020

With their stylish design and unique functionality, these shoes are a true style statement.

These shoes are super comfortable! I'm wearing them all the time. They have a lot of features, like the fleece lining on the inside, the removable insoles, and the anti-slip layer on the outside.

I like that they are light, but not too light because I don't want to get caught without them. ;)

Anne Ferrell, USA

Hypershoes owner since 2019

These stylish and comfortable shoes will make any fashionista feel at home at the office or on the go. They are not only a great fashion accessory but they also have a very practical purpose. They are so comfortable, you will want to wear them around the house as well.

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